Elena Lidonnici

CCO Chief Commercial Officer at Swiss Medical Network - Board Member Quanta Suisse SA & SIC Ticino


Quanta HR Solutions SA

QUANTA Ressources Humaines SA

SIC Ticino


Board Member Quanta Suisse SA and SIC Ticino. Currently working in the hospital and healthcare sector. [email protected] My +20 years working experience in very different realities and with cross-functional experiences, took me to specialize in leadership roles gaining a strategic overview of context, objectives and management needs. I've a deep knowledge of the dynamics of a large family firm - working in Retail & FMCG Products - which was followed by experiences in two renowned universities - I've acted as Director of an integrated company @Milan Politecnico - and in public and private prestigious realities that allowed me to move with agility in complex and multicultural organizational contexts. I've often managed "extra mile" projects achieving all objectives and I've the ability to build and manage networks at a high level and long-lasting relationships. Board member | Non-executive Director | C-level manager | Director | CCO |Chief Commercial Officer | Marketing and communication senior professional | Management | Business strategy | Born achiever | Organizational mindset | Clear and focused in stressful situations | Easily oriented in new situations | Journalist | PR Professional | Executive Master in Communications Management | Graduated in Business Economics majored in Marketing