Gaia Spinella
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Gaia Spinella

Head of Sustainability I Executive Coach I InTheBoardroom I Board ValoreD I Human Resources, Branding, Marketing, Customer Experience, Strategy



Bachelor's degree in Macroeconomics (STEM characteristics) with Highest Honors. Extensive Telecom & Tech Experience: 30+ years in the TLC/ICT sector, driving strategic initiatives across diverse functions. Proven leadership and versatility: managed teams and activities across diverse fields like Strategy, Marketing, Customer Experience, Brand, Corporate Social Responsibility and Human Resources; currently leading the Sustainability Department for a major Telco infrastructure operator. Coaching, Mentoring and Development: certified Executive Coach (ACTP accredited ICF), strongly committed to personal and professional growth in others. Diversity and Inclusion advocate: passionate about D&I and Gender Equity as evidenced by training programs (InTheBoardroom), board memberships (ValoreD) and founding, in 2012, an association for gender equality and social development (NoiD Telecom).

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