Marina Rubini
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Marina Rubini

Regional General Counsel EMEA RA @ABB - Board member @Leonardo S.p.A. and BNL



As a corporate counsel qualified to practice law in Italy, I have a keen intellectual curiosity and interest towards new technologies and their impact on the business. With over two decades of international legal experience, I take pride in delivering efficient and business focused results and solving conflicts while working with teams across the business representing the legal function as part of the bigger process. I am used to effectively managing international teams - having a wide expertise in multicultural, multi-skilled and multinational companies in various sectors - by communicating with and listening to them regularly to motivate, drive engagement and reach goals. Since my master degree with honors in law from Northwestern University School of Law, I have managed to acquire an extensive background in corporate, marketing, advertising, sustainability, regulatory, M&A, competition, and labor law issues.

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