Daria Illy
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Daria Illy

Coffee Culture Director illycaffe'



High level of expertise in team building and organization, programming and coordinating activities, sales and marketing. My past career in lifestyle coaching contributes to my collaborative approach in relationships, showmanship and confidence with group goal setting and management. The role of professor and lecturer of skilled adults has been helpful to develop excellent communication, teaching method and problem solving skills other than confidence and open mindness. After working in Illycaffè as a Science Coffee expert I joined the commercial as Head of International Account and the role of Portioned Systems Product Development. In 2017 I have been appointed CEO of Mitaca, a 100% (30MIO) owned illycaffè company until this year when I took over as Coffee Culture Director. In the meantime since 2017 I have entered the Board of Directors Illycaffè, BOD of Ernesto Illy Foundation and Gruppo Illy BOD in 2019. Since 2018, I am Vice President of International School of Trieste.

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