Elena Lidonnici
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Elena Lidonnici

Board Member - Senior Marketing & Communications Executive - Business Unit Director - Healthcare | Education Expert



Board Member SIC Ticino. I make things happen. Currently working and living in Switzerland as Head of Administrative Services @Ospedale di Bellinzona. My career has had a thread running through it: my profound commitment towards rising to business challenges within organizations operating in the service sector and providing services to individuals. I have worked both for a large family-owned business and in the public and private sectors, including a period with a company quoted on the SIX Swiss Exchange. Having refined my managerial experience in various executive roles across different markets (Mass Market Retailers, healthcare, education and training), in Switzerland and Italy, I have succeeded in developing a global vision of the context and of its challenges and management requirements. The flexibility and transversal experiences I have consolidated have served as the launch pad that has resulted in me being appointed to a number of executive boards in the Canton of Ticino.

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