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My competences are "cross" and range from • strategic business management, to • organization and people management; from • compliance and risk management to • trading and financial market structure knowledge; from • retail and ultra high net worth investors to institutional investors relationship management. My track record is both in international financial institutions and small companies, some of which were started from scratch. I have contributed as a starring player to the development of innovative markets and business models throughout my career by creating. ecosystems that have fostered growth; namely: •Italian covered warrant and certificates market; •TLX multilateral trading facility (now EuroTLX regulated market part of Borsa Italiana); •IDEM (Italian Derivatives Market) market. I have past experiences both as executive board member (Tradinglab Banca, Secofind Sim, Spafid Family Office Sim) and as non executive board member (TLX, Tradinglab Inc.)

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