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I am the founder and CEO of Bambinopoli, one of the first female digital startups (2001) Bambinopoli was born from the awareness of being able to create an innovative, profitable and social value service for families while offering me the opportunity to keep up with digital evolution and to create something of mine from scratch. Throughout my life, thanks also to my work experiences (4 years in Pirelli and 10 in McKinsey, Italy-UK) and my periods abroad, (Israel, Harvard, London), I kept learning. Recently I completed the annual ValoreD course, IntheBoardroom, to integrate my skills in the field of the Boards of Directors. One of the most precious things I have built in these years is my 360-degree international network, not only in the workplace, but in the cultural, travel, sport, good food and good wine fields. I studied in Israel for 6 years, I have a Cum Laude B.A. and Master in Mathematical and Political Economics, I am fluent in Italian, English, Hebrew and French